Romoss iCharger 65 зарядного устройства

eUSB iCharger 65 

-Perfectly suppoort laptops up to 65W, tablets, mobile phones, MP3s etc.

-Light, stylish and portable

-Applicable for worldwide voltage

-Flexible plug, easy to use

-Intelligent multi-protection, excellent safety

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 eUSB iCharger 65  

-Perfectly support laptops up to 65W, tablets, mobile phones, MP3s etc.

-Light, stylish and portable 

-Applicable for worldwide voltage

-Flexible plug, easy to use

-Intelligent multi-protection, excellent safety

Simplify Modern Day

With laptop, tablett, smartphone and ohter mobile devices, our modern day has become more wonderful but more complex especially when charging them with diferent adapters. Meet a brand-new power adapter, which turns complexity to simplicity Say goodbye to big and heavy power adapters and tungled cables. It is pretty light and space-saving, which is convenient to use at home or in travelling.

One for all
The small and delicate power adapter, engineered with the leading internationally patented eUSB and Fitcharge Technology inside, is powerful enough to support worldwide voltage and powers up laptops up to 65W, tablets, smartphones, MP3s, etc.

eUSB Technology - The internationally patented eUSB Technology enables to detect voltage automatically and is a superb creation to support a broad range of laptops and other mobile devices, such as, tablets, smartphones, MP4s and digital cameras. (Patent no: 201120289581.7)

Fitcharge Tehcnology - Built in the leading Fitcharge Technology, it can automatically detect the input current demand of different devices and their specific charging needs for improved compatibility. It's perfectly compatible with a wide variety of tablets, smartphones, MP3s, MP4s etc.

Multi-protection, reassuring experienceIt is designed with the advanced and multi-protective circuitry, and acts as a safeguard to give a better-than-ever protection for your mobile devices in all-around ways, reassuring you a satisfied and safe charging experience. (overdischarge proof, overvoltage proof, overcurrent proof, temperature protection, short-circuit protection)

Remarkably Compact, unique
It features seamlessly splicing design approach to durable and exclusive PC+ABS materials, always keeping it sleek and pretty scratch-resistant. The unique shape and powerful technology make it easy to use, remarkably compact and distinctive in its appearance.

Included with the product:

eUSB connectors for different laptop models:
5525R - 5.5 x 2.5mm - Acer, Asus, Clevo, HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Gateway, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Advent, MSI, Hitachi, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung

7450H - 7.4 x 5.0mm - Hp, compaq

7450D - 7.4 x 5.0mm - Dell

5530S - 5.5 x 3.0mm - Samsung

4012A - 4.0 x 1.2mm - Asus

7955R - 7.9 x 5.5mm - IBM, Lenovo

1145R - 1.1 x 4.5mm - IBM, Lenovo Square, Slim

4529D - 4.5 x 2.9mm - Dell

 US and EU adapters

Дополнительная информация

Артикул 450022
Напряжение (V) 5
Mощность 65W max
Ток зарядки eUSB: 15-19V 4.33A-3.42A ( 65W MAX) 5V--1A USB: 5V--2.1A
Цвет Белый
Вес 105g
Производитель Romoss
EAN Не применимо