Noco HM485 защитный чехол для аккумулятора 8D dual

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The HM484 Commercial Battery Box is a battery storage solution for sizes group 8D batteries, including Marine, RV and Commercial equipment. It features a four corner fastening system and captive lid for easy installations, large cable entry holes for heavy gauge wires, full flow ventilation for releasing battery gasses, and a large battery acid reservoir. Its rugged, rotationally molded design provides ultimate protection in low-temperature environments and protects against UV, oil, gas and other contaminants. Perfect installation in a boat, camper, motorhome, trailer, or caravan, as well as, commercial and generator equipment. Fits for the following size batteries (max): height 26.1 cm, width 53.3 cm, length 29.9 cm.

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Артикул HM485
Цвет Черный
Ширина (мм) Не применимо
Длина (мм) Не применимо
Напряжение (V) Не применимо
Тип Не применимо
Заменяет Не применимо
Подходит для 8D batteries
Емкость Не применимо
Время выполнения Не применимо
Производитель Noco
Вес 4,17kg