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The E403 Remove Battery Cleaner instantly neutralizes, dissolves, and removes battery corrosion from battery terminals, cables, hold-downs, battery boxes and more. It is formulated to assure maximum current flow and reduce potential voltage leakage. It comes packaged in a 14-ounce aerosol can. Instantly neutralizes, dissolves and removes battery corrosion. Ideal for battery terminals, cables, hold-downs and boxes. Restores maximum current flow. Reduces potential voltage leakage. Packaged in a 415ml aerosol can

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We value your time too. Our fast acting formula dries in just a few minutes so you can be on your way.Foam not only helps to break down tough build-up, but is also easier to clean than liquid spray. Battery corrosion can build up on your vehicle´s battery terminals and battery posts over the years. This corrosion can lower the conductivity of the posts and terminals, resulting in power loss. With the E403 battery cleaner, it only takes seconds to remove that nasty corrosion and restore power back to your vehicle.


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