Dyno Europe 4PzS118 12V 140Ah aku -+

Lead battery with tubular plates, liquid electrolyte.It is commonly used for electric vehicles (pallet truck, trolley, auto-washer, ...). It is designed to undergo a high number of cycles with a high depth of discharge (1200 cycles at 80% discharge). Tubular batteries are also used in the storage of renewable energies where they show performances clearly superior to batteries with liquid electrolyte with flat plates.

Tarneaeg: 2-3 päeva

Tavahind: 315,00 €

Erihind 267,75 €

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Laokood 381514
Mahtuvus 140Ah
Pinge (V) 12V
Värv Hall
Pikkus (mm) 344mm
Laius (mm) 172mm
Kõrgus (mm) 262mm
Kaal 37.3kg
Tootja Dyno Europe