Siemens GigaSet A140 cordless phone battery

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Additional Information

Sku 330120
Capacity 650mAh
Voltage (V) 2,4
Weight 25g
Replaces T382; V30145-K1310-X383, S30852-D1640-X1, C30852D1640X1, S30852-D1640-X1, V30145-K1310-X359, 55AAAHR2BMX
Is suitable for Siemens Gigaset A120Siemens Gigaset A140Siemens Gigaset A145Siemens Gigaset AS140Siemens Gigaset A14Siemens Gigaset AS14Siemens Gigaset AS150Siemens Gigaset A160Siemens Gigaset A165Siemens Gigaset A16Siemens Gigaset A240Siemens Gigaset A245Siemens Gigaset A24(A5B00075178739), Siemens Gigaset AL14H
Type Ni-MH
Color Green
Manufacturer CS
EAN 4894128024194

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