Panasonic 6V 7,2Ah lead-acid battery LC-R067R2P VRLA

Panasonic 6V 7,2Ah LC-R067R2P is a quality replacement battery for UPS and security system terminals!

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The Panasonic VRLA battery Trickle Long-Life series was developed by studying and analyzing the factors which caused deterioration of conventional batteries in various aspects.
The safety and reliability of these batteries has been greatly improved through the adoption of flame-retardant resins.
(For 2.2Ah to 33Ah, 94HB-equivalent resin is standard; 94V-0-equivalent resins are also suitable)

Additional Information

Sku 355603
Capacity 7,2Ah
Voltage (V) 6
Is suitable for RBC18; APC Smart 450 SC
Color Black
Length (mm) 151
Width (mm) 34
Height (mm) 94
Total height (mm) 100
Terminal width (mm) 4,75 / 6,35
Expected lifetime (years) 6-9
Weight 1,26 kg
Type Lead acid
Manufacturer Panasonic