HP/COMPAQ Pavilion DV7 8-cell laptop battery

HP/COMPAQ Pavilion DV7 8-cell aku on komplekteeritud Samsung SDI elementidest, mis tagab aku pikema kestvuse! Hea ja kvaliteetne valik analoogakude turul. Kui Sa ei ole kindel, kas valitud aku sobib Sinu sülearvutimudelile, siis võta meiega ühendust veebivestluse või telefoni teel!

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This battery is made from Samsung SDI 2600mAh Li-ion cells. This provides excellent usage and lifetime to the battery! It is certainly one of the best product that is offered on laptop batteries market.

Additional Information

Sku 355101
Capacity 5200mAh/75Wh
Manufacturer Samsung SDI cell
Voltage (V) 14,4
Number of cells 8
Dimensions N/A
Color Black
Weight 425g
Type Li-ion
Replaces HSTNN-IB75; HSTNN-C50C; HSTNN-Q35C; 464059-121; 464058-251; HSTNN-IB74; HSTNN-DB75; 464058-251; 464059-121; 464059-141; 480385-001; 516355-001; 516916-001; GA08; HSTNN-DB74; HSTNN-DB75; HSTNN-OB75; HSTNN-Q35C; HSTNN-XB75; KS525AA, 464059-222, 463837-001
Is suitable for Pavilion dv7/CT ;Pavilion dv7-1000 ;Pavilion dv7-1000ea ;Pavilion dv7-1000ef ;Pavilion dv7-1000eg ;Pavilion dv7-1001ea ;Pavilion dv7-1001ef ;Pavilion dv7-1001eg ;Pavilion dv7-1001tx ;Pavilion dv7-1001xx ;Pavilion dv7-1002ea ;Pavilion dv7-1002tx ;Pavilion dv7-1002xx ;Pavilion dv7-1003ea ;Pavilion dv7-1003el ;Pavilion dv7-1003eo ;Pavilion dv7-1003tx ;Pavilion dv7-1003xx ;Pavilion dv7-1004ea ;Pavilion dv7-1004tx ;Pavilion dv7-1005ef ;Pavilion dv7-1005eg ;Pavilion dv7-1005eo ;Pavilion dv7-1005es ;Pavilion dv7-1005tx ;Pavilion dv7-1006tx ;Pavilion dv7-1007ef ;Pavilion dv7-1007tx ;Pavilion dv7-1008ef ;Pavilion dv7-1008eg ;Pavilion dv7-1008tx ;Pavilion dv7-1009tx ;Pavilion dv7-1010ed ;Pavilion dv7-1010ef ;Pavilion dv7-1010eg ;Pavilion dv7-1010el ;Pavilion dv7-1010eo ;Pavilion dv7-1010ep ;Pavilion dv7-1010es ;Pavilion dv7-1010et ;Pavilion dv7-1010tx ;Pavilion dv7-1011tx ;Pavilion dv7-1012tx ;Pavilion dv7-.' Read more..
EAN 4743308101029

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