We put more in our Deep-Cycle batteries... so you can get more out of it... better performances, higher productivity and less maintenance.

1) Z3 Plate Construction : The Z3 plate design combines four integrated features for superior performance and durability. - The signature “Diamond Z” grid architecture - An inset lug position - Upgraded “Active Life Plus” paste material - Heavy-Duty – construction: more lead = more power!

2) Posi-Wrap Envelope Separators Posi-Wrap separators reduce maintenance and prevent failure due to short circuiting and plate shredding, ensuring reliability and durability.

3) Rigid Connectors Heavy duty TTP, COS and Post connectors deliver maximum electrical efficiency and durability.

4) Pro-eye level indicator A simple, safe and reliable system for inspecting electrolyte levels that signals when watering is required.

5) X-TEND Container Design X-Tend provides more electrolyte above the battery plates so batteries can perform longer between watering intervals.

6) Good handles Al our deep-cycles are equipped with handles or hoisting hooks which eases the lifting of the batteries

7) With H2GO by Crown Battery the intervals between watering are 9-12 weeks depending on application and usage. That means watering your batteries only 4 to 8 times per year which reduces the amount of time you spend watering batteries and doing more of what you do best...moving more products!

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